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Why RIPPED JEANS Need To Be In Every Wardrobe ?

Posted by Vanilla Star Jeans on

Ripped Jeans are a trend that is hear to stay. Everyone from teens to celebrities are rocking their ripped jeans proudly. A bold & sexy fashion statement that adds the mojo needed by every pair of denim. The great news being that you can wear ripped jeans now with pretty much anything - wear it with a plain white tee or chic if up with a plaid shirt & jacket.

Here is a picture of Kendall Jenner wearing her ripped jeans with a plaid grey t-shirt as featured in Glamour Magazine - So subtle yet so sexy ! 

Kendall Jenner In Ripped Jeans 

This is why Vanilla Star Jeans loves their Ripped Jeans - You have a ton of options of dressing them up or dressing them down - Whatever you fancy !

Another way to wear them is how Gigi Hadid would - see below - she looks so hot wearing them with a long white coat 

Gigi Hadid Featured In Glamour Magazine 

And finally, here are some ideas on pinterest on how to style your ripped jeans 

Ripped Jean Outfits On Pinterest 

From Vanilla Star's Denim Collection, Our ripped jeans collection is the largest - We have a variety of different styles & colors Plus we are offering free shipping on everything now !