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​When to wear your skinny Jeans

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When to wear your skinny Jeans

All girls go crazy for a pair of skinny jeans, including myself. If I see a pair that I am dying to buy at one of my favorite stores, I immediately go into one of the dressing rooms to try them on. I’m kind of obsessed with #SkinnyJeans as you can tell.

They are definitely a girl’s best friend! And not only do they make your legs look super skinny and keep those curves intact, but skinny jeans are perfect to wear for any occasion.

Lazy Skinny-Jeans Day: 

Make a day out of wearing skinny jeans. Besides, isn’t a girl’s prerogative to look and feel fabulous every day, even when your hair is totally undone and you’re looking like plain Jane? Don’t worry I got a cure for you, just throw on a pair of our high cuffed distressed skinny jeans pair it with a white crop top and all you got to do is sit back and relax.


You’re rummaging through that fancy shmancy closet of yours (that is probably more fabulous than mine will ever be) trying to find the perfect jeans to go with your super chic crop top, whip out a pair of your favorite skinny jeans and you are good to go. Rock the streets in our ripped skinny denim jeans.

What about skinny jeans for extra curvy figures? Check out our butt lifting black jeggings and plus size stretchy black jeggings. Even if you are making a run to Starbucks to treat yourself to some piping hot coffee with a side of baked goods or catching up on a few episodes of the Real housewives on bravo at home, wearing those skinny jeans will totally put you in a good mood! 

There’s nothing like a good, old pair of skinny jeans.