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What Are Butt Lifting Jeans?

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Everyone is beautiful, we all come in different shapes and sizes, and it's what makes us unique. Here at Vanilla Star Jeans, we want you all to know that you are amazing, and we strive to make clothes that makes you feel more confident and in power. So recently we re-introduce our butt-lifting jeans which helps emphasize your body and curves the right way to give you confidence and be bold.

So what exactly are butt-lifting or booty bustier jeans? They are jeans that are specifically design to highlight your natural curves. 

Our Butt Lifting Jeans design usually consist of:

  • High Waisted Stretch Band
  • Multiple Buttons
  • Stretchy Fabric Material
  • Wash Colors: Dark Wash, Light Wash, Distressed Wash, etc.

These key designs with help emphasis the parts of your body that you want to.

The stretchy fabric hugs your body from your waist to your ankles to give you a tight lifted effect. The waistband goes just below your belly button so there is no muffin top in sight. The multiple buttons will help shape your waist and the tight Fabric will also help elongate your legs.

Here are some looks on how to wear your Butt Lifting Jeans:

Butt Lifting Jeggins

Butt Lifting JeggingsGrey Butt Lifting Super Stretch Jeggings

Casual chic with an edge: Acid Washed Butt Lifting Jeggings with a Sleeveless Blue Plaid Shirt

Back-to-school look: Light Wash Butt Lifting Jeggings, and a pop of color with this Classic Pink Plaid Flannel Shirt 

These jeans are ultra flattering on extra curvy women. You can't go wrong with a pair of Distressed Butt Lifting Jeggings in Plus Size and a Black Pleated Blouse, finished with a dark wash distressed denim jacket.

Plus size

The Distressed Light Wash Denim Jacket PLUS SIZE

Plus Size

Booty Bustier Black Jeggings - Plus Size

Need more suggestions? Flaunt your figure in these plus size butt lifting jeggings, or browse through our entire section of plus size clothing. No matter your shape of size, we want you to feel beautiful and confident!

Till next time