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The 70s called, they want their jeans back but we are not returning them! Bootcut jeans were immensely popular in
the 70s, and are now starting to gain popularity. Bootcut jeans are generally straight through the thigh and then
begin to flare out into a wider hem. These jeans are one of the latest trends we can’t get enough of for two reasons :
They flatter every body type and are totally stylish. Bootcut jeans capture the boho chic vibe Vanilla Star Jeans is all about, and for this reason, we have no choice but to pay tribute to these boogie-down jeans.  Check out some
iconic 70s starlet sporting the Bootcut jeans.

Here is little Michael Jackson in the 70s wearing an all too familiar pant style

70s starlet Farrah Fawcett cruising in the Bootcut jeans. Loving the hair!

Here are the original Charles Angels looking absolutely adorable

Can you dig it?

Explore some of our customer favorite boot-cut jeans :

The ripped Boot-Cut Jeans

The butt-lifting Boot-cut!

Boot-Cut with a Camo Belt!