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​The top 3 jean trends of 2015-2016: straight from the runway

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Guess what girls?! Jeans are BACK, yes they are. Just in time for the New Year. Well that’s not totally true…designers have transformed your classic pair of jeans into something a little more stylish for you jean-obsessed teens out there aka #JeansForTeens.

And it’s all going down on the runway. Yep, I said it. Fashion shows have been the SOURCE of everything JEANS. I’m sure some of you teens have dreamt once or twice about attending fashion week and said to yourself “CAN I WEAR WHATEVER THAT MODEL KARLIE KLOSS IS STRUTTING HER STUFF IN?!” Don’t worry I have too. But let’s stop fantasizing and start with something more important. The JEANS.

Two words. The WEDGIE. Wedgie jeans or butt lifting jeans are what I call the ‘new vintage’ these babies are WAY hotter now than they ever were. So say goodbye to those boring mom jeans you were forced to wear when you were a kid, and say hello to the new and improved ultra flattering bootcut jeans.

*you can wear them with our semi sheer pin tuck blouse and accessorize the look with a fab piece of jewelry* and hey, you never know, you might be able to snag a spot on the runway too!

PRINT. Printed denim items are definitely a must-have item, especially for young fashionistas like yourselves. Prints are about unleashing your inner self, your wild side and printed jeans will do just that!  

*Wear prints that stand out. But don’t over-do it with a leopard print or something that will seem as though you are trying WAY too hard to be noticed.* Check out this best selling Blue Camo Denim Shirt, the perfect combination of military print and casual denim looks.

The idea is to always keep it simple.

And finally, the skater jeans. Casual and sporty, perfect combo. I always like to wear jeans that are comfortable but can also be great for doing any kind of sports activity or hanging with friends. Obviously they aren’t your typical girl jeans, who cares! If you like them, wear em’.

Oh, and FYI boys love when girls go casual, it’s the best way to get their attention!

Wear those jeans till you can’t anymore, girls. enjoy