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The NEW CLASSIC: creating a new and improved twist on a pair of blue jeans

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The classic blue jean is what girls love to wear, especially to a high school dance and boys like to swoon over…at least that’s what I observed. The idea was to create this “all-American style” for girls aka white-t shirt and a pair of the classic blue jeans. Yes, it made young girls buttocks look even bigger than they actually appeared to be (still doesn’t top Kim Kardashian’s derriere), but these jeans didn’t have enough style or pizazz. I remember walking around the city once….I was about 10 years old, I spotted a tall, leggy woman in a vintage leather jacket and wearing a pair of ripped blue jeans, and I thought to myself “ripped jeans? Is that the new style now? Or maybe that woman didn’t know her pants were ripped…should I run over there and tell her?” But that was the style. The style that would soon rule the fashion industry. Ripped blue jeans.

Clothing stores and jean companies couldn’t get enough of them, including Vanilla Star Jeans. They have transformed the classic blue jean into a phenomenon. The ripped jeans became the old, and stripped, colored, bejeweled, zippered jeans became the NEW. The NEW CLASSIC. These babies are the talk of the town, giving young girls what they actually want: flare. Oh, no not just any type of flare, rugged, vintage look that will make all the girls in your class jealous and the boys, DROOL.

The key here is VARIETY. To provide as much variety as possible for young girls. They want to wear a pair of jeans that fit right, most importantly to make them feel and look confident. That is exactly what Vanilla Star Jeans is trying to do with their collection. Improve the way wear their jeans, which I think is quite brilliant. Because who wouldn’t want to look like a really famous model in a pair of really great jeans? GIRLS WAKE UP AND SMELL THE JEAN COFFEE, you’ll be walking to school and the boys will be throwing themselves at you! Here’s a little advice, if you’re going to a high school dance for the first time in YOUR ENTIRE LIFE, then I would go with something not too flashy. Keep it simple with a pair of Vanilla Star Jeans ‘THE DARK WASHED FADED SKINNY JEGGINGS’ they are both a jean and a legging, but still add a little bit of oomph. If you want to wear jeans that are more on the ‘wild side’ then I would go with the ‘BOOTIE BUSTIER EXTRA STRETCHY MINX DOUBLE INSEAM SKINNY JEANS’. It gives your legs extra room to dance *hint: stretchy* and make you feel like a total rock star!

Next and last order of business is….social media. Social media is very important for any clothing company, especially in this business you really need to put yourself out there and make a name for yourself. Vanilla Star Jeans has developed a unique outlet for young girls so they can come to their website pick out whatever items they want and buy them online. Besides the website, they also want to be connected to the outside world as well as to their target audience (girls between ages 17 to 21), that includes Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. By creating a place where they can interact and help improve young girls’ style, is not only satisfying them, but the parents as well. Because Vanilla Star Jeans is all about CONNECTING. Connecting with others and building that communication through their clothes and social media.

So, girls if you ever want to feel sexy and look like model Cindy Crawford in some chic jeans, then Vanilla Star jeans is definitely for you. *WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR GO OUT AND BUY SOME JEANS…. NOW!*

And…believe me, you won’t regret it.

To get the full “411” on these jeans and the rest of Vanilla Star Jean’s fabulous pieces, go check out their website, here is the link:

*all images are from instagram and Vanilla Star Jeans website*