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Shorts in Spring! Denim on Denim! Why Not?

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Now that spring has sprung…officially and the weather is warmer outside, girls are busting out their signature denim looks! *Shorts included* It may not be summer just yet, but a girls gotta have a good pair of denim shorts!


Of course, there are different kinds of denim and colors to be worn during the spring. White washed, light blue, dark blue, even ombre; you name it. And combine it. It’s pretty cool to wear shades that are pretty similar together, but what’s even cooler than cool is: contrasting denim. It is a great option to have a little more fun with in this fashion trend.


Now, that is what I call casually spring chic! Denim on denim doesn’t necessarily mean you wear a denim jacket with a pair of denim jeans. On the contrary, you can wear whatever you want. But I like the idea of putting together a pair of my favorite denim #SkinnyJeans with an acid washed denim shirt! Plus, it makes picking out an outfit a lot easier because I know for me, I get super annoyed when I can’t decide on what to wear! A tight pair of acid washed denim jeans and denim blouse? Yes please! A denim jackets paired with your frayed hem jean shorts? Definitely!            


FYI: you don’t have to go full on denim. The choice is totally up to you!

But denim can go with absolutely anything. Go to your closet and pull out a dress that sort of emulates that spring-y type of look, pair it with a denim bomber jacket and you’re totally spring ready.

Here’s two looks you MUST try:

Wear our light washed Butt Lifting Denim Jeggings with a Blue Camo Button Down Shirt. Now, that is what I call casually spring chic!


Pair the White Plaid Flannel Shirt with our  High-Rise American Flag Shorts for a fun and cheeky look!

Go get your spring on fashionistas!

Till next time...