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Must have's Flannel & Plaid Shirts

Posted by Vanilla Star Jeans on

Look your best whenever you step out of your house in our classic flannel or plaid shirts.

To begin with, a plaid and a flannel shirt are not the same. Originally, plaid was a blanket type garment wrapped around the waist and draped over the shoulder. Plaids were usually made from a fabric with a tartan pattern.

Tartan is a particular pattern that we associate with Scotland, from whence it originated. The method of weaving forms lines where different colors cross, which give the appearance of new colors in squares blended from the original colors. Over time and depending on location, plaid and tartan have become interchangeable.

Flannel shirts are usually made from wool, cotton or synthetic fiber.

To make things easy, plaid is a fabric pattern which originated in Switzerland, where as flannel is soft woven fabric; usually worn by those that in cold weather.

They are not only different but can also create different styles. Styles that you need to give a try!

1.The most common way one wears them is with a pair of jeans or pants. Tuck your plaid or flannel shirt into your jeans and add a colorful belt which would be great to wear to a party or you could simply leave it tucked out for a more casual look.  


2.For a gorgeous winter look, tuck your shirt into a skater skirt and pair it with tights and ankle boots. During the summers, one could go with a pair of ballet flats or sandals. 

3.If you want to be more creative and give yourself a sophisticated look or feel, you could pull them off really well beneath a cardigan. Since your plaid or flannel shirt has a busy pattern, it would look best under a solid colored sweater. Let the sleeves and collar peak out for a youth inspired outfit.

4.College and high school going young girls or women are usually seen wearing these button down shirts un-buttoned over their cool graphic tees.

For the perfect ensemble, pair the colors and pattern right and wear them over your favorite colored denim pants or shorts. It will not only look as a cute layer over your pair of bottoms but will also act as a cardigan or protective layer over your graphic tee. 

5.One of the trendiest outfits for autumn or fall is to wear a subtle colored faux fur vest over a plaid shirt. Wear them over distressed or destroyed jeans pairing it with heels or booties. It’s a match made in heaven. To layer up even more, wear a scarf. 

6. You could make your plaid shirt more professional by adding an eye catching blazer.