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Stylish, classic and in every color – thousands are a fan of the jeggings. What are they? Are they jeans or are they leggings? You can’t help but wonder right?

Let us give you the answer to that. Jeans have been a staple for decades now, but tighter or skinny jeans weren’t introduced until the late 2000’s. Leggings are made from softer fabrics such as spandex or cotton. The demand for tighter jeans in a more comfortable material, gave rise to the jeggings. Some even call them pull-on jeans instead of jeggings.

Today, they are one of the most popular clothing items and people love wearing them to give the jean like appearance.

Jeggings can be worn if you’re going on a long road trip with your group of friends. They are so soft and comfortable, that they are an option for long hours of sitting.

Here are a few ways on how one could wear these jeggings –

1. During fall or winter, pairing them with a button down is one of the simplest ways. Since the button down is a classic shirt, keep the jeggings classic as well and wear colors such as black, grey or dark blue. This can give it a casual or a slightly dressy look depending on your shoes and accessories.


2. Wear it with a patterned blouse or tee of your choice along with an over-sized cardigan and high boots to keep you warm. You could also finish it off with a pair of boots, booties, heels or flats – as you wish to style yourself.

3. Our faux leather jeggings aren't less. A graphic tee and leather pants look great together for a really cute outfit. Pair it with a denim vest and comfy sneakers for an effortless and polished look. 


4. You could also go with our black stretchy jeggings with a white blouse and a fitted blazer or our red jeggings with a faux leather jacket, and you are good to go! Keep it classy! These black and red jeggings are our fastest selling items and our customers love them!


Our super stretchy pull-on jeggings are all you need to give yourself a flattering look. The butt lifting jeggings will lift your curves and it's skinny fit is sure to give you an illusion of height too. 

It’s stretchy material (spandex) will sit smoothly over your curves without pinching and will be worth your investment.