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Joggers : A must Have

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Just when you thought we couldn't have any more chic alternatives to sweatpants, the joggers are born. Joggers are a style of pants that have an elastic waistband, are loose fitting but fitted around the legs, and cuff around the ankles. Have you tried them on? We urge you to give them a try. You could see them everywhere, and everyday. Joggers are surprisingly extremely easy to dress up or down. They come in many different prints and materials, and look good with sandals, flats, sneakers, booties, and heels. Throw on a pair of solid black joggers or get one of these trendy printed joggers for a bohemian vibe. Don't know whether today is a jeggings or a joggers kind of day? These denim joggers got you.

We have spotted a couple of celebrities hopping on-board on this trend and we couldn’t be more supportive of the jogger look. Check out these fashionistas below rocking the jogger pants in style.

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