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HOW TO: Remain Cool and Hip During The Winter Season

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GIRLS, are you looking for a “cooler” way to style up your outfit during the winter season? 

Well here’s some advice: start with some vintage pieces. 

Vintage trends are all the rage, and certainly help to make your outfit stand out a little more! Try something with color or maybe a pattern that will brighten up the look (check out this floral kimono with fringe to wear over this light wash butt lifting jeggings). Remember FLOWER POWER. You want to catch people’s eye and captivate them. Also, if your crush is sitting on the other side of the classroom he won’t notice how fabulous your outfit is! So show that boy how COOL you really are. Want a secret to turning heads? These illusion jeggings that are so comfy, so school-proper and would make your legs look leaner instantly.

Leather and a little bit of lace = total hipster. Lace and leather are a perfect combo, especially if you to impress your classmates because girls love to follow the hippest trends in fashion. Take it from me, if you want to get that classic vintage look that every girl in your grade is dying to emulate, think of it as going OUTSIDE THE BOX.

An embroidered lace blouse, long sleeved. It is winter girls, remember! You don’t want to catch a cold out there in that weather! Pair it with your favorite pair of denim jeggings

Hm, something seems to be missing. I know! How about a statement bracelet and necklace, it compliments your outfit so well and gives you that extra bling!

To complete the look, add a cute tote or handbag. All your friends will be so jealous!

That’s all for today fashionistas, enjoy.