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How to keep your outfit classy and stylish

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Have you ever wondered how to make your look classy and stylish all in one? Well I can help you out, since I am an expert of all things fashion! 

The secret to keeping it classy is not revealing too much. If you choose to show some skin, you could either show some leg, or show your midriff, but never show both.

Remember, style is about finding that one outfit that is unique, different from the others. It isn’t about buying into the newest trend so  you could impress your friends. Fashion is a form of expression, you should wear something that you are truly comfortable in. Otherwise, instead of you wearing it, it will wear you. 

The #1 rule in fashion is to EXPRESS YOURSELF AND HAVE FUN. Fashion is a form of art and your are the artist, so don't be afraid to experiment with your outfit choices. However you feel, or whatever image you want to give off could be expressed through your clothes.

Just make sure you feel confident about what you put on your body so that you could own the outfit and the outfit won't own you.

Here is an outfit suggestion from our very own website-- Our faux leather sided black jeggings paired with our semi sheer brown polka-dot blouse are quite the sophisticated combo. If you want to add a little sass to your look, you could add a faux fur coat! Fur coats have been in style since the 1920s, so owning one will allow you to remain stylish throughout the decades.

*Links here*: #blackjeggings

Let your imagination run WILD, fashionistas.