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Fashion Tips for the Spring

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Transforming spring fashion into a fashionable and trendy look for girls

Spring IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER and girls will soon start busting out their most spring-tastic looks. As you know, spring fashion has changed A LOT over the past decade or so and become more about flower prints and patterns. #GirlyFashion it is called ‘flower power’ which is a common trend for the summer as well. Check out these floral spring essentials:

1. Floral Sheer Kimono

2. Floral Motif Palazzo Pants

That being said, my goal here is to branch out of that flower power trend and make spring fashion more ‘fashionable’.

F a s h i o n a b l e = stylish, unique, different, an outfit that stands out among the rest, and LOVING a look so much, you wear it more than once. Those are the 4 qualities that spring fashion MUST have.

Since it is relatively warm during the spring season you should wear something that is both cool and comfortable. You also might want to put away those long-sleeved shirts and swap it for a sleeveless shirt that will not only keep you from sweating bullets, but is the perfect combination of cute and trendy. Our blue plaid sleeveless flannel shirt will do just that! And pair it with these simple butt lifting skinny jeans for a casual form-flattering outfit.

So, spring fashion lovers don’t overdo it with the prints, be cool and always remain fashionable, even if it means rocking your favorite pair of blue jeans.