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Spend This Weekend in Your Overalls

Overalls are a timeless style that has been around for many years. What started as work attire for farmers and Railroad workers, is now a timeless trend that everyone has worn. So why not spent this weekend in comfort and style wearing your Denim Overalls. Here are some looks to inspire youOverall JeansFor those of you in [...]

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How To Wear Your Jeans To Work This Week

Jeans at WorkMany companies are changing their standards for corporate attire and are allowing employees  to have more freedom with their wardrobe. So if your company lets you rock your Jeans on a daily basis or even special occasions like casual Fridays, here are some looks to inspire you to rock your Jeans at work this week:The Button [...]

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2 Outfits You Need this Weekend

Yay the weekend is here! Lets cheer to that and enjoy this Mother's day weekend.Whether you are a Mother or Daughter here are 2 outfits you can wear this weekend.Ripped jeans with an off-the-shoulder top for a casual SaturdayIt's still not summer yet, but we're slowly getting there! Ripped jeans are a good way to show [...]

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How to Wear Your Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants are great. They are a must-have staple piece that you must have in your closet! Whether you're going for a casual or a more dressed up look, palazzo pants got you covered.They are versatile, comfortable and affordable. What more can you ask for? Here are a few ways to wear your palazzo pants, that we are sure will [...]

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Looks To Re-Create This Week

Yay its the 1st week of May!New Month New You! Here are some new looks to re-create this week. We hope we inspire you to recreate some of these looks or to try something different.Printed JoggersJoggers are super comfortable, but who says they can't be chic too. Try a pair of black & white printed joggers paired with [...]

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Shorts in Spring! Denim on Denim! Why Not?

Now that spring has sprung…officially and the weather is warmer outside, girls are busting out their signature denim looks! *Shorts included* It may not be summer just yet, but a girls gotta have a good pair of denim shorts! Of course, there are different kinds of denim and colors to be worn during the spring. White washed, light blue, [...]

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3 Reasons Why to Wear Jeggings

First and foremost:What are jeggings? Are they jeans? Are they leggings?Well they are a little of both, jeggings are leggings that have the look of skinny jeans. Here at Vanilla Star we pride our selves on the quality and comfort of our jeggings.Here are some reasons why they are so awesome and why you need them in your closet.1) Jeggings [...]

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​When to wear your skinny Jeans

When to wear your skinny JeansAll girls go crazy for a pair of skinny jeans, including myself. If I see a pair that I am dying to buy at one of my favorite stores, I immediately go into one of the dressing rooms to try them on. I’m kind of obsessed with #SkinnyJeans as you [...]

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Joggers : A must Have

Just when you thought we couldn't have any more chic alternatives to sweatpants, the joggers are born. Joggers are a style of pants that have an elastic waistband, are loose fitting but fitted around the legs, and cuff around the ankles. Have you tried them on? We urge you to give them a try. You could see [...]

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