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5 Ways to make your legs look longer in Capris

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Capris may have a bad reputation for the reason being that it interrupts the length of your legs. For this reason, short people are advised not to wear capris because it can make them look stubby. However, just because you are short doesn’t mean you should avoid capris at all cost. Here are some styling tricks to help you look effortlessly chic in your casual capris.

If your are short, here are three ways to elongate your legs in capris:
1. Wear high waisted capris
  High waisted pants make your waistline appear higher, which make your legs look longer.
2. Pair your capris with heels that are similar to your skin tone
This will make it hard for others to tell where your legs end and feet begin! If you have errands to run and rather stay comfortable, wear flat pointed shoes.
3. Wear a long shirt in a similar color to your capris
  Crop tops and contrasting colors will disturb your silhouette. If you wear a shirt that falls right below your waist,      your waist will appear to look longer 

4. Wear black

A no brainer. These casual chic black capris with lace detail is the epitome of chic.

Now these two rules applies to every body type --
1. Your capris should end at the narrowest part of your legs : between your ankle and your calf.
2. Avoid wearing cuffed capris because they create unwanted horizontal lines which will make your legs seem even