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5 Reasons to be Happy

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  1. You are loved!

    Whenever you are in a bad mood, or in a situation where it seems like your world is coming to an end,
    remember that you are loved. Your friends and family love you unconditionally and would love nothing
    more than to see you be in good spirits!
  2. You are young!

    You have your whole life ahead of you to follow the stars and chase your dreams. Take this to your
    advantage and earn as many things as you can (for free considering that everything is now online).
    Self-teach yourself to learn guitar, piano, or become a whiz at photoshop. The world is your oyster.
  3. Your Morning Commute!

    Whether if it is going to school or work, your morning commute is the best time to get yourself in a
    good mood. Take this time to read your favorite book, write a blog, or dig up old photos in the archives
    for a good laugh. Anything that you think will make your morning commute pleasant will put you in a
    better mood to take on the day.
  4. Leggings!

    Let’s face it, the day leggings were invented was the day we quit wearing jeans for a whole month.
    Leggings/Jeggings provide the comfort of sweatpants, without the guilt one might feel of looking lazy. There
    are endless and cute ways of wearing leggings so just embrace it keep cozy.
  5. You were born in the digital age!

    Remember that time you lost your phone and felt like you were out of touch with everything? Well thank
    the heavens it was just temporary! Your parents did not have the luxury of texting, skyping, or quickly
    goggle searching “What is 0 divided by 0” (surprisingly the most searched google question of 2015). Be
    happy that all your answers could be a quick search away!