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3 ways to make your outfit go from boring to GLAM

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Take notes girls, because I’m going to tell you 3 ways you can GLAM your outfit up. Every girl loves her glam, and whether your tastes are simple, sleek, edgy, vintage or chic, you can always step it up. Don’t go simple. Going glam is all about ‘over-stepping your boundaries’ a bit. That brings me to…*drum roll please*

1.The ultimate risk-factor: taking risks is a big part of putting together an outfit. And let’s be honest here, you are prone to a fashion disaster. So don’t wear anything that is too over the top. Exhibit A: Fergie wore a bright orange see-through lace dress to the 2012 Grammy Awards that was WAY too revealing for an awards show. Keep it simple with a pair of our luxury Faux Leather Sided Black Jeggings and the new Acid wash high low button down shirt to recreate that perfect Glam-worthy look you have always wanted. #BlackJeggings

2.Dress down, not up: Dressing up is always a hassle, especially if you are going out to a fancy-shmancy family dinner with your parents and siblings, super boring right?! So I say, to heck with frilly dresses that make you want to barf just from looking at them. (going glam doesn’t always mean you have to wear a dress) Try this look: our very own Blue buffalo plaid button down shirt and Bootie bustier extra stretchy double inseam skinny jeans. You can ‘glamify’ it up with a silver clutch and a pair of rhinestone flats to make your outfit stand out! #SkinnyJeans

3.Add some sparkle: compliment your look with a really cool sparkly top, it can be a great asset to what you are wearing. Also you don’t want it to be too flashy, but have just the right amount of sparkle! Pair that sparkly top with our on the run boyfriend jeans. #BoyfriendJeans You’ll be a ‘bona fide’ Glamour girl.

Girls, don’t be afraid to ‘Glam it up’ once in a while.

Until next time fashionistas….