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3 Reasons to Love Boyfriend Jeans

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1. Comfortability

The relaxed fit of boyfriend jeans make it completely comfortable to wear in comparison to the jeans that
hug your every curve. These jeans perfect for the days you want to wear jeans but still be super comfortable.

2. Versatility
— Boyfriend Jeans are a great pair of jeans for every season. If it’s too cold for comfy shorts, or too hot for
     regular jeans, boyfriend jeans are ideal. They have a relaxed fit around the waist, legs, and hips so you
     won’t feel uncomfortable in the scorching summer heat.
— You could dress them up by wearing a pair of heels or elevated booties; or down by pairing them with
     sneakers, flats, or flip flops.

3. FIT+LOOK GOOD on EVERY body type

Skinny jeans may not always fit everyone, but you could find boyfriend jeans that fit and flatter every
body type. For the girls with curves, wearing boyfriend jeans in a dark wash will help create a smoother figure.
For very girls who wish to have some curves, you could create the illusion of a curvier figure by wearing jeans
that are distressed around the thighs. Having rips around the thigh area gives the appearance of a more
shapely figure.

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